Sdorica 1.1.5
Role play
Sdorica 1.1.5
Sdorica 1.1.5
Sdorica 1.1.5
Leia has been creating works with ingenuity for 4 years, challenging the extreme performance of combining audio-visual technology, narrative and RPG games
- visual technology
In the gorgeous and colorful scene, the characters appear one by one, just like opening a colorful story book
- audio technology
Madame Chu, the composer of the music for the stories, composed the music, recorded the whole symphony, and created the world with each note
- narrative technology
Full character dynamic performance, 2D animators hand-polished, more than 30 characters outside the main story line independent story line, interweave each other into a vast variety of material
- strategic process
Auxiliary, attack, three types of roles complement each other, from the strategic design of play role before collocation, and orders to the number of different squares tactics, a simple lead you to the top of my mental strategy
The book of all things reveals all truth,
The book of vientiane cannot determine all the truth.
You're them. They're you.
Their destiny is the destiny of the world.
You write your book.
So, watch carefully, watch carefully -- because you're part of this splendid world.
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