Max 5000 Barbarian (new lvl 8) Vs 1 Giant Cannon | Satisfying Gameplay - Clash of clans
Max new level 8 (×5000) Barbarian Vs all Troops | Clash of clans In this video I will take 5k Barbarian which means this Gameplay gonna be heavy ! And I will try with only one giant Cannon. And I am shocked with the results ! Wanna know then watch till end ! If you like too. Game used in this video is clash of clans . It is awesome game made and Developed by supercell. I like this game very much. So I try different strategies and show you guys. I Frankly say that this game (coc) is the best game ever made.
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Max Lvl 16 (×4) Geared up Cannon Vs Max Lvl 8 (×4) Double Cannon | BH Vs TH - Clash of Clan
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