Camilla Hidden Bait master?
So I really love Camilla and I was thinking of a way to add her to my team in a meaningful way since I need a green axe on my team. My Camilla is +hp and -Res so I was thinking of running Legions Axe+, Fury 3, Drag Back (B slot is undetermined), and Threaten Def with the +3hp sacred seal and either moonbow or reprisal.
Camilla Hidden Bait master?

My plan with her was kinda to be bait that is able to kill on her next turn. My team is pretty vulnerable to green or blue mages so Camilla with Ephraim buffs would have the ideal spot to survive any attack from any unit not red (even a lot of reds), and then on her turn, with threaten defense and a double attack (at 39 speed) she would use reprisal. Is this strat worth a go in arena?
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